Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Little Bit of Chicken Love. . .

Last May we had three lovely hens ( or so we thought) join our family, courtesy of the Reynolds School Backyard Chicken Program.  The chickens are a great addition to our family, however making sure we actually had three hens took a few tries and a couple of trade ins.  Let's just say the neighbours were not as thrilled as us when the roosters ( not hens!) began to sing!  It is a myth that roosters crow only at daybreak - they noisy things crow all day and night!  So after a few attempts, we ended up with Neyba ( named after a child Hannah met in Ecuador), Princess Leia Josh's pick) and Detective Olivia Benson ( chosen by Emily who apparently watches too much TV!)

In honour of the chickens made with the Babycakes Collection from CTMH- a layout all about Chicken Love. . .

PS - we are still waiting for them to lay eggs. . .

Happy Day!


  1. Very nice layout, and I love how the colours look chicken-y, LOL

  2. This is a beautiful layout! I love how you embellished it and I love that you would never know that this was a baby themed paper pack. Already pinned! Thanks for the inspiration. :)


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