Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bald is Beautiful!

In September my awesome son #1 shaved his head to raise money for Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock - a big local fundraiser to help kids with cancer.  His school, Reynolds Secondary, raised over
$100 000 this year for the cause, and head shaves are a big part of it.  Ben himself raised $1400 - so proud that he took the initiative to do this, especially as a freshman!!  Here is a layout o celebrate his accomplishment!

And an embellishment close up:

I am loving having time to scrapbook again!  Hope you are finding a few moments, too!!

Happy Day!


  1. Saw this layout on the CTMH Artwork FB group.

    Wonderful idea for the school to participate in a fundraiser!

    My one daughter donates her cut hair to Locks of Love, which uses the hair to create wigs for cancer patients.

    TFS! Great layout!

  2. Fantastic job on the layout - great work. Kudos to your son for his unselfish act to raise money for cancer!!

  3. How awesome of your son! Great lay-out! Looking for scrapping ideas- as a cardmaker, I am scared to plunge into scrapping. The new PML may move me to it though! I am a new follower. ��always like to see work from a fellow Canadian and British Columbian!


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